Golf Course Tour

Hole 1

Par 4

No. 1 is a tricky dog leg 375-yard par four which requires accuracy on the drive.  Keep to the right to avoid the water carry to the green.  

Hole 2

Par 3

No. 2 is a 145-yard par three, protected by a trio of bunkers.

Hole 3

Par 4

No. 3 is a lengthy 417-yard par four, requiring two solid shots to reach the green in regulation.  This slight dog leg left puts a premium on hiting the driver long and accurate.   

Hole 4

Par 3

No. 4 is a long 224-yard par three with out of bounds on the right.  Hitting a long iron well will pay off on this hole.  To make things even more difficult, the green slopes from the front to the back.  

Hole 5

Par 4

No. 5 is the easiest hole to score on because of its limited length.  Play this hole smart.  Underestimating this short hole will yield a high scores.  

Hole 6

Par 4

No. 6, a 361-yard par four may not be long, but can be a slicers’ nightmare with large trees guarding the dog leg right. 

Hole 7

Par 5

No. 7 is a 545-yard par five with the key being a good drive in the fairway. 

Hole 8

Par 5

No. 8 is a 502-yard par five with the key avoiding the out-of-bounds and the creek 50 yards from the green. 

Hole 9

Par 4

No. 9, the signature hole at 364-yards, requires courage off the tee with a 150-yard pond and a water hazard that borders the fairway’s right side. 

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